Sunday, November 19, 2017

Ashita no Yakusoku Eps 1

Ashita no Yakusoku is yet another jdorama about scary and controlling moms.  Inoue Mao is the school counsellor with her own mommy problems and she hasn't even introduced her boyfriend of 3 years to her mother. She gets involved with a student who has been absent from school and has Nakama Yukie for a freaky mom.

To be honest, I am getting sick of the creepy mother genre having seen at least 3 or 4 of such shows within the past year and I was struggling to feel any empathy for any of the characters.

The episode ends with something big happening but I didn't care. There's a hint that that there are more rotten things happening in the school but I have no interest. I can't say that Ashita no Yakusoku does anything bad but I'm just ambivalent about a counsellor telling other people to free themselves from the crappy mother while she herself is stuck with hers. Meh.

Saturday, November 11, 2017


EDIT: Looks like Hokuto has English subs! Thanks to anon for pointing that out. Please do watch it. It really is worth your time!

WOWOW have done it once again and created another strong contender for jdorama of the year. And surprisingly even with a jpop guy in the lead! Hokuto is about Hashizume Hokuto, a 20 year old who at the start of the story is in prison facing the death penalty for murdering two people.

As details about his crime are slowly revealed, we start to learn more about Hokuto's tragic past and what made is poor person commit those crimes.

Having just finished the series, I'm at a lost trying to process my thoughts. That was probably the heaviest episode I've ever seen. I feel emotionally spent and I'm trying to process everything I had just seen.

Hokuto is about cruelty and about how difficulty it is for people to escape horrible situations. Its about how people can become addicted and trapped in the cycle of abuse and how unconditional love can doom someone who has never known it.

A big thank you to keiko1981 for the Japanese subs. it made watching so much easier. The raws can be gotten from nyaa here. A definitely must watch and deserves to be subbed in English. Bravo WOWOW. Maybe they can even get Fukada Kyoko to actually act if they cast her in one of their shows. Or maybe not.

Thursday, November 02, 2017

Border Shokuzai

The conclusion to the cliffhanger ending of Border 3 years ago is finally here and I am happy to say that it does not suck! That being said, its less a climactic conclusion and more of a bridge between the end of season 1 and hopefully the beginning of season 2.

I won't spoil what happens in Shokuzai except to say that Oguri Shun is brought into questioning and gets involved in another murder case. Storyline-wise its not very exciting but its all about how Oguri Shun's character Ishikawa deals with crossing the line.

I love Omori Nao's bad guy taunting Oguri Shun with all the "how does it feel to be a murderer question" but sadly their interplay does not extend to the new murder case. I would have loved to see Omori Nao interplay with Oguri Shun especially when he uses illegal tactics to solve cases and Omori Nao could have inadvertently helped Oguri solve some cases.

Oh well. I just hope the ratings were good enough for season 2 and that Kaneshiro Kazuki, the writer of SP has good ideas for season 2. Border Shokuzai has not been subbed yet. Watchable.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Kataomoi Ep 1

Yet another WOWOW Higashino Keigo drama except it seems to be less of a mystery story and more of a thriller. Nakatani Miki is plays the former manager of a University American Football team who kills a man and seeks help from Kiritani Kenta and Kuninaka Ryoko.

Episode 1 is just setting up the characters and the fact that Nakatani Miki's character was born female but identifies as male. For all the sukebes out there, there's going to be a Nakatani Miki X Kuninaka Ryoko kissing scene in episode 2. :)

Fingers crossed there's an actual interesting story. No way things go well and the title suggests that emotions from the university days will come up. I like the cast and direction so I'm hoping for the best.

Jdramacity has episode 1 but unfortunately, I will have to watch the rest of the series with annoying chinese subs as the rest of the series will not be uploaded by jdramacity.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Hello Harinezumi Eps 1-3


Yet another private detective/benriya type show in the vein of River's Edge and Mahoro Ekimae Bangaichi which Eita also starred in.


Nope. Tonally, Hello Harinezumi just feels very muted and flat. The above mentioned shows had a certain edgy feel to them (pardon the pun) while Hello Harinezumi feels like your afternoon generic cop show like Hancho. The chemistry just isn't there and I don't really see a purpose to Morita Go's character.


I rather enjoyed the two action scenes at the end of episode 3. It was pretty well choreographed with plenty of MMA moves and told the story within the fights very well. There was also plenty of blood and bruising which is a step up from so many boring jdorama fights.

I also liked that it set up the big baddies for the Harinezumi to take down.


Nope. Episode 4 is a horror story and the tone and lack of chemistry just kills any interest from me. I just feel like River's Edge and Mahoro Ekimae are so much better and I've got better things to do with my time.


I can't stand her but she's in it with all her wide eyed stupid look glory, if that's your thing. Meh. 

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Border Shoudou

Haru's character was the weakest part of Border. Her young age relative to how much experience on would need to be a coroner and her see through  protective clothing  did not mix with the gritty realism that inhibited Border. Not to mention it felt very much like a talento mandated push rather than casting someone age appropriate for the role. (See any jdorama where they cast a 20 year old as a police detective or doctor.

Shoudou is the attempt to try to fix Haru's character or at least explain her character. First, Shoudou does it by making a story about how Haru managed to become special coroner at such a young age. Secondly to create more empathy for her by giving her this arsehole of a boss who is hopeless at his job. They made him so slimy that even a cynical bastard like me would want to see him get his comeuppance.

I must say, it did reduce my utter dislike for her character and I would say I don't mind her now. However, the story in Border Shoudou is not very exciting and feels so pedestrian. On the whole, it was a meh two parter and not necessary viewing for the Border movie in 19 days, unless a certain someone from Shoudou shows up in the special! I can't wait!

I've slowly restarted my rewatching of Border. Its still so good and one of the best jdorama cop shows ever. 

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Fireworks / Uchiage hanabi, Shita kara miru ka? Yoko kara miru ka? review

I went into Fireworks with completely zero knowledge and expectations and the movie did not even meet any standards of competency for me. Here's five reasons why you should not watch Fireworks:


The story did not give me any reason at all to care for the characters. We are given a basic introduction into the characters, the main girl is dragged kicking and screaming by her mother who is remarrying because she doesn't want to relocate and then the main character starts the time travel cycle.

First off, when we normally get a groundhog day like story, you either need some dangerous event that needs changing, a relationship that needs saving or you just want to see someone do interesting things. Fireworks does none of these. The anime tells us that they two characters like each other but they don't even have a relationship prior to the time travelling.


For a freaking movie, I have no idea why many times the art looks completely awful.


From the high school setting to the jokes, Fireworks feels like a poor copy of a copy of Koe no Katachi and Kimi no na wa. I've seen this so many times before and done so much better.


Self explanatory.


The movie keeps asking the audience whether a fireworks are round or flat and then proceeds to give us this weird musical scene and starts to get psychedelic for no reason while I was struggling to keep awake waiting for the story to do something interesting with the time travel stuff.

Finally, there's an artsy fartsy no freaking ending to the story. It probably makes sense to the writer and fans of Shaft, the crappy animators but they failed to make me care about the story to even try.


I can't remember the last time I've seen such a poorly produced and executed anime movie that failed on every single front for me. Do not watch.